High PR Propeller Profile list

You might or you might not have come across this method (very few people have found out the method until now) but here we go.
This method involves exploiting a social bookmarking website, Propeller.
Basically, every user on Propeller has a profile page, like this user. See the PR of this profile page? Yep.. PR5!
Scroll down and you’ll see a box where you can leave comments for this user and your comment is instantly published and appears on his profile page.
The exploit here is this – You can use “
I mean, WTF! That is POWERFUL! There’s lots of profile pages like these on Propeller that have a HIGH PR. (PR5 is considered quite good!)
Just one, non-spam comment on 10 such profile pages and you have 10 PR5 back links from an authority site. Like.. WOW!
The only downfall to this is that if the profile owner wants, he can delete your comment. However, this happens rarely. This is because profile owners do not get any notification when a comment is posted on their profiles. And most users on Propeller rarely ever check their profiles for comments. So you get the PR juice flowing for a loooong time.

http://www.propeller.com/member/alakazam/    -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/populist/    -    PR6
http://www.propeller.com/member/redriverj/    -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/elisheva1/    -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/beau7890/    -    PR6
http://www.propeller.com/member/zagatbuzz/    -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/dirtyfratboy/    -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/hyperbola/    -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/healthhabits/    -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/bowsnumba1/    -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/valery504/    -    PR3
http://www.propeller.com/member/tchef/        -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/sprytling/    -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/sumarin/    -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/israeligirl1/    -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/zaph22/        -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/altnrg/        -    PR6
http://www.propeller.com/member/deidre/        -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/dheeruyadav/    -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/grrr/        -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/redneck/    -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/vor/        -    PR4
http://www.propeller.com/member/bartgatsby/    -    PR3
http://www.propeller.com/member/ameliog/    -    PR5
http://www.propeller.com/member/cosma/        -    PR4

HOW TO GET 100visitors from Digg

Goto Digg.com

Regisiter a account and confirm Email..

And goto Homepage of the Digg.com

You will see top stories of the day

Open all those stories and leave your comment and atlast leave your url..

You get atleast 100visitors a day if you repeat this methoid to atleast 6post..

I got 211visitors by posting links to 11top stories..

Traffic Brings Money

Traffic Brings Money

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