Backlinks using Powerpoint

1. Take an existing article that you have written and input into a PowerPoint presentation. (If you do not have PowerPoint, you can use the free “Impress” from
2. Break your article down into smaller size bites by turning it into a slide presentation. Simply copy and paste your article. It is that easy, and it only takes a couple of minutes.
3. Upload your PowerPoint presentation to these web 2.0 property sites below. First, you’ll need to create a username. If you want to get even more , then have your username the same as your keyword that you are targeting and wanting to rank for.

4. Make sure that you add your relevant keyword ‘tags’ on each of these uploaded sites. This will greatly help so that your presentations will show up in the search results and will get you more traffic.
5. Add a comment to your post on these sites, and use your keyword as Your Name in the comment section.
6. Bookmark the URL of your PowerPoint slide at each of these web 2.0 properties. If you are using Traffic Geyser or SEnuke (and preferably you want BOTH to crush it) this only takes a couple minutes to do.
7. Lastly (BUT DO NOT FORGET), you want to syndicate your PowerPoint presentations all over the internet. Your username at each of these sites has a RSS Feed. Find your RSS Feed on each of the sites by looking for a RSS icon. Click on the RSS icon, which will bring up your RSS Feed in your browser. Copy your RSS Feed URL in your browser window and submit this feed to RSS Aggregators.
Here is a list:

NOTE: If you are using automation software like SEnuke, you can submit a RSS Feed to a bunch of sites with one push of button.
This strategy will take you about 30 minutes to accomplish, but it has enormous benefits and traffic to your sites…and Google loves these web 2.0 properties so you will get great ranking.

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Traffic Brings Money

Traffic Brings Money

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