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Everything seems that everybody and their grandmother has a blog these days. But what is the difference between, say, Perez Hilton and the rest of the thousands of blogs that are in the dark all day? Well, I teach a few simple ways to blog, you can increase traffic without spending a penny in most cases. So begins, will we?

First, it is very important that your blog is useful and not some sort of filing articles rehash. I say this because one of the best ways to attract visitors to your blog and if there is intense activity on the blog. This has several consequences: first, each time someone posts a comment on his blog, is updated and the search engines favor sites with fresh content, which generally is updated frequently. Secondly, it will encourage others to participate and come back often to see how others reacted to their comments or simply to see how the conversation is changing.

A good way to generate interest in your blog is in them by the publication, but the most popular blogs related to yours, with a link to your blog, of course. If you disagree with the editor of the blog, do not hesitate to launch a war of fire, in May this encourage the publisher of the blog and meet other people to visit your blog to read Following this they have to say. If you fully agree with the blog editor and notice that there are a few guest posters on the blog, try to contact the blogmaster to see if you can write a message for the guests.

Social networking sites like are also a great way to increase traffic blog. Digg works by users with a thumbs up or thumbs dig what you read online and on the Digg site. It's almost a form of rate various pages on the web for the best stories get more attention. If you want your site to rate high on Digg, there are some things you should know.

First, you need to write an owner and since the capture of the eye is the first thing you see before you read an entry. Secondly, when you send your mail to Digg, be sure that the description is important and can have an idea of the post before reading it, we want no surprises and people are more likely to give your message to the thumb low, if the description has nothing to do with the position. Make sure your first paragraph is good, and the rest of the article is significant, or you may irritate your readers to get bad reviews the entries and get your site banned social bookmarking social bookmarking sites because the sites tend to prohibit those after all the garbage time.

There are many ways to attract more traffic to your blog, just a few. But note that even the best fail, if not promoted blog have good content.


Traffic Brings Money

Traffic Brings Money

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