On site SEO Tips

On site SEO is one of the way to make the websites search engine friendly. A Search Engine Friendly website comes easily in Search Engine Rankings. On site SEO may include different techniques to make the website SEO friendly. Like:-

Keywords Analysis

Keywords analysis is the task of searching/analyzing the appropriate keywords related to content or theme of website. Keywords analysis can be done manually or using the keywords suggestion tools. Some popular keywords suggestions tools are Google Adwards, word tracker, keywords discovery and more.

Meta Tags

From SEO point of view there are two most important meta tags. One is keywords meta tag and second is description meta tag. Keywords meta tag contains all the targeted keywords of website separated by commas. Description meta tag contains the brief summary  about the web page.


Titles play an important role in on site optimization. SEO friendly titles with targeted keywords can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines on the related searches.

Site Map

There are two type of site maps, which are used for easy crawling of each and every page of website by search engine crawlers.
One is xml site map, which is created in xml format. xml site map includes all pages of website in it with a priority of each page. Priority of a web page is set accordingly how important a web page is in terms of traffic and searches.
Other site map is a simple site map which is created in html format and called html site map. This include pages as per the flow of pages in website.
Site maps can also be submitted in Google and Yahoo which helps in bringing more results in terms of searches.

Content Optimization

Content Optimization is a way to improve keywords density in any web page. For this some keywords phrases are created on the targeted keywords and density of targeted keywords and keyword phrases is improved in content, which helps in better rankings of pages in search engines.

RSS feeds

RSS feeds are created in xml format. RSS feeds contain headlines and descriptions of specific information. RSS feeds are used to distribute content, information or latest news of websites to end users. This is one of a simple and useful way to promote a website.


Traffic Brings Money

Traffic Brings Money

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