Bypass Google Account Verification

1. Use a real name that sounds right when signing up
2. Make sure you clear everything off computer first, use ccleaner
3. Connect to internet using proxy, find location of proxy (geo locate) and then use that location on sign up.
4. Make sure you select a truly unique question if you type your own, do not repeat either the question or answer.
5. Recovery email works best if it is not a free email service like yahoo, or another gmail. That will work ok, but if you use another gmail it will probably get checked for geo locate ip for when and where it was accessed from and there is the possibility of that flagging the account. There are a ton of free email services out there that are not yahoo or gmail. Find some and sign up with them to get a recovery email.
6. Do not use the same recovery email for more than a few accounts max, and do no open multiple accounts on the same day.
7. Do not repeat the same password on multiple accounts – I know its tempting, but that is a red flag.
8. Make sure you pick a random birthday each time that varies.
9. Once you open the account, send an email to another account of yours that is not gmail, or to anyone else. Do not use this email for any auto account openings for at least 48 hours or more. Send and receive a few legitimate emails. I usually will sign up for a few lists online, then click the confirm email, then leave it for a few days. Think about it, a new email would not start getting hundreds of incoming emails right away.


Traffic Brings Money

Traffic Brings Money

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